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                        Anatomy of Agile Enterprise

                        Information Technology is dead, long live Information Technology! Traditional IT departments are said to be dying. However, the amount and importance of information is not decreasing. Quite in contrary. New digital business poses new requirements as to how to lead... Read More..
                        I have earlier suggested that Enterprise Architecture be designed and built around organizational accountability levels and be divided vertically into three distinct yet interlinked architectures. It can be further argued that all IT work in organizations falls in respective "IT... Read More..

                        In their seminal work on human and organizational learning, Chris Argyris and Donald Sch?n (1974, 1978) make a distinction between espoused theories and theories-in-use. Espoused theories are accounts of a person's or an organization's actions given to others, while theories-in-use... Read More..
                        I recently co-authored a journal paper [1] on Enterprise Architecture, in which we propounded that architectural work in an enterprise be designed and built around organizational accountability levels and be divided into three distinct yet interlinked architectures: Technical Architecture, Socio-Technical... Read More..
                        In his book "How Buildings Learn: What Happens After They're Built," Stewart Brand notes that building architectures are mainly designed from the spatial perspective, whereas the temporal dimension receives less attention. Building on the notion of Shearing layers, he states... Read More..

                        "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." This maxim, attributed to Albert Einstein, bears particular relevance to how problems should be approached. There is not a simple solution to every problem. Simple problems can be solved... Read More..
                        Can you feel the pace increasing? Is it hard to keep up with the speed? Is your organization too rigid, or do you feel in over your head yourself? You know you should be more agile and you may even... Read More..

                        "The first matrix I designed was quite naturally perfect, it was a work of art, flawless, sublime..." -- The Architect, The Matrix Reloaded... Read More..
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                        The agile movement has traditionally focused on agile software development at the team level. Team-based approaches, such as Scrum, focus on delivering day-to-day customer value, but do not, per se, ensure a strategic approach to business agility at the enterprise... Read More..

                        In his best seller book Getting Things Done, David Allen identifies six vertically arrayed perspectives from which to define work. Using an aerospace analogy, he recognizes the following "altitudes": 50,000+ feet: Life 40,000 feet: Vision 30,000 feet: Goals 20,000 feet:... Read More..

                        Janne J. Korhonen provides insights into how information technology can be applied strategically to catalyze organizational change and responsiveness. Drawing from both theory and practice, he discusses agile enterprise and its governance.

                        Janne J. Korhonen

                        Janne J. Korhonen is an independent business and IT consultant,specializing in enterprise architecture, business process management,service-oriented architecture and pertinent governance models. He has over ten years of experience as an architect and consultant in a variety of extensive and mission-critical IT projects. With strong theoretical underpinnings, his consulting encompasses systemic co-development of business, organization and information technology.

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