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                        Hi to dear IT people,I am sure no reader missed the growing trend of microservices.The fact is that like any other new trend, there are many views of what exactly are microservices.From my perspective, the microservices are the ultimate Object... Read More..
                        Hello, I want to share a real story that happen to me and my wife. On August, we planned our vacation in Ireland. I handled the reservations and from time to time I talked with my wife about it over... Read More..
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                        Hello to the service designer,In most SOA projects the main question is about how to model the data.It is clear that the best model is canonical model that will represent each entity in a single way.It is very popular to... Read More..
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                        Hello,I am working as a solution architect in application integration projectsFrom time to time the question of BPM is raised.After all, BPM is a great tool if you have a business processes to manage.It is. But still, many companies do not implement... Read More..
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                        Hi,Often in my IT career I looked at a software system and asked (silently) what did they had in mind when they ordered this system?Another question is why you need 52 systems that most of those serves a very small... Read More..
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                        Hello,How would you define a person's name in your ERP? Maybe in your registration form?I assume it would look like that: First name, Last name, Middle name, Title, Initials ...In our new global world, what is First name?This is cultural... Read More..

                        Welcome,I am asked almost daily about guidelines to design a web service.Well, instead of going to SOA, WS-* and so on. I am taking a different approach for the request, response and exception handling.My approach is design the service as... Read More..
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                        Hello to you in SOA cosmos!I am working now in project as the ESB architect.There are several service consumer and each have their own wishes and requests.I can divide the service consumer into two:1. SOAP consumers2. REST/Json consumersThat raised for... Read More..
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                        Hello,My current project requires REST services called to the ESB from a sel-service portal.As a additional treat the payload is Json.So, where is SOA in the picture?Initially I tried to convince the portal architect that the REST service would be... Read More..
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                        n the last post, I told you about the SOA governance project I am in. This time, I want to share one more idea about getting buy-in for SOA governance. In my case, I wrote a document for a management presentation. I reviewed... Read More..
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                        In this blog, Noam Tamarkin provides ideas for improving and better integrating your applications.

                        Noam Tamarkin

                        Senior software architect and CTO. Experience in solution design and implementation. Holds the ability to understand complex business processes and translate them to technology. Expert in Enterprise applications, integration, SOA, SaaS. Experienced in project management, technical infrastructure, procurement and manufacturing.


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