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                        Noam Tamarkin

                        Does Facebook eavesdrop on my phone?

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                        I want to share a real story that happen to me and my wife.

                        On August, we planned our vacation in Ireland. I handled the reservations and from time to time I talked with my wife about it over the mobile phone.

                        My wife is active Facebook user and noticed that short time after one of the conversations, she got in her feed, a commercial post that proposed Ireland travel booking.

                        I dismissed that, because it could be that she posted something about our plans or had a Facebook chat with her friend. Actually, when I write that, I assume that it is normal for Facebook to read my private chats.

                        To add some facts, both of us are Facebook users but only my wife installed the Facebook mobile app a.k.a Messenger.

                        Two days ago we were driving and talked about it. I suggested an experiment, let's have a conversation over our mobile phone about something that was not mentioned by us on Facebook in the last year. The chosen subject was safari in Tanzania.

                        My wife called my phone and started to tell me about her plans to go on safari in Tanzania. I participate from my side and both of us repeated the words "safari" and "Tanzania". The entire conversation did not last more than 2 minutes.

                        Amazingly (or maybe, as expected), after 1 hour, my wife got in her Facebook feed, a commercial post about safari in Tanzania.

                        I leave you all to jump into conclusions.

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