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                        Business Ecology Initiative & Service-Oriented Solution

                        We are familiar with an input and the outcome of a Business Process, some people include actions/activities into a Business Process, which I disagree with, but what is the subject? Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a term "subject" as "a person or... Read More..
                        In the 5th Cloud World Forum, that took place a couple days ago in London, I visited the Executive Forum sections. Corporate executives and senior management discussed different Cloud Computing related problems. Also, many came there not to share how... Read More..
                        I could not omit Hollis Tibbetts' BLOG "Cloud should be "top down", SaaS "bottom up"? Huh?" because it reflects on the idea of Cloud adoption top to bottom. It is not clear, however, from this BLOG or from the referred... Read More..
                        "Oracle CloudWorld 2013 - London" in May was a great event. It was great in organisation and the content of presentations - everyone could learn something new. For example, I listened to majority of presentations regarding security and interactions/integration between... Read More..
                        I have looked at "Continuous Deployment: The Dirty Details" by Mike Brittain in SideShare posted on Jan 29, 2013, and found 3 nonsense cases in this overall good presentation. 1. Presentation states, "Architecture largely does not matter" while deployments a... Read More..
                        Lessons from History. Manufacturing The first, a manufacturing production has formed contemporary concept of a business process. People did what the technology required and nobody objected to the process. Business Process was defined a repeatable ordered set of activities that... Read More..
                        I've read a brilliant white paper "As-is and To-Be Process Modelling: a Flawed and Failed Paradigm," authored by John Owens, which I highly recommend for your reading. John finally uncovers the argument that modeling a business process "as-is" does not... Read More..
                        According to different cloud computing experts, a cloud federation is the practice of two or more service providers interconnecting for the purpose of load balancing traffic and accommodating spikes in cloud consumer demand. Cloud federation allows one provider to wholesale... Read More..
                        First is first! Please, accept the warmest greetings in New 13 Year! I believe that you sacred plans will realise and you will come up with even more advanced ideas. I wish you happiness and prosperity if you need it... Read More..
                        Oracle Corporation offers one of the first standard-based solution that allows standards-based applications, particularly, in Java with .NET, C++ and REST clients, to be deployed and executed with no modifications (at all) on in-house platform and in Clouds. It is... Read More..

                        In this blog, Michael Poulin writes about business and technology ideas, concepts, methodologies and solutions leading to service-oriented enterprise, the primary instrument for obtaining business objectives in fast-changing environments.

                        Michael Poulin

                        Michael Poulin is an enterprise-level solution architect working in the financial industry in the U.K. and the United States.

                        He specializes in building bridges between business needs and technology capabilities with emphasis on business and technical efficiency, scalability, robustness and manageability. He writes about service orientation, application security and use of modern technologies for solving business problems. He contributes to OASIS SOA standards as an independent member and is listed in the the international "Who's Who of Information Technology" for 2001. View more


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